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Clearest water to visit around the world

Clearest water to visit around the world

A list of places/spots where you can enjoy Crystal Clear water to swim or for boating trip. Some of them are lakes, some of them are beaches and some of them are ponds.

#1. Rotomairewhenua / Blue Lake, Nelson Lakes National Park – Tasman Region, New Zealand

World’s Clearest Lake: Blue Lake/ Rotomairewhenua. Image Source: 100% Pure New Zealand

Also known as Rotomairewhenua, Blue Lake at Nelson Lake National Park (Tasman Region, New Zealand) has the clearest natural body of fresh water known to man.  Scientific tests carried out in 2011 by New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) found the lake’s visibility is upto 80 metres. Nearby Lake Constance feeds water to Blue Lake.

This park is a popular spot hiking, fishing and destination but Blue Lake is two-day hike from the park boundary.

Blue Lake is most often reached as a side trip from the Travers-Sabine Circuit, although a marked route to the south, over the Waiau Pass and another to the West, via Moss Pass continues beyond the lake. The nearby Blue Lake Hut, with 16 bunks, provides accommodation for more than 700 trampers each year. (Wikipedia)

#2. Five Flowers Lake – Jiuzhaigou National Park, China

Five Flower Lake – China. Image Source: flickr

Jiuzhaigou National Park is an UNESCO Heritage Site located in the southwest China. Five Flower Lake (五花海, Wǔhuā Hǎi) is a shallow multi-colored lake whose bottom is criss-crossed by ancient fallen tree trunks. Surrounded by mountains the depth is around 4.85m (16 feet). The water is so clear that the bed of the lake is clearly visible.

Most of the time the water is sapphire blue. It does not freezes during winter. Here’s a Google Map Link for the national park.

#3. The Maldives

Maldives: Full of beaches and crystal clear water – a very popular tourist destination. Image Source: Pixabay

Sun, sea and beautiful islands – and crystal clear water all around, that is what Maldives is full of. Many beaches are so clean that clearly one can see the boat’s shadow on the bottom.

#4. Sardinia

Sardinia: Home of some most clearest water in Mediterranean Sea.

Sardinia is the house for some of the most clear water beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. It is the second largest Island at Mediterranean Sea and a very popular tourist destination.