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Why Eggplant is called Eggplant?

Why Eggplant is called Eggplant?

Many have wondered why this purple and/or  green vegetable widely available in many Asian countries is called Eggplant. A simple question boggled many young minds, why eggplant is called eggplant? Something seems isn’t right? But yes, it is known named eggplant for reasons. View the web story below to know.

A bit more facts about Eggplant / Aubergine / Brinjal

  1. in 2018, China and India combined produced 87% of world’s total brinjal.
  2. Other than egg-like round shape and long ones, brinjal comes in in the shape of green bellpepper and small cherry.
  3. Aubergine is full of nutrients
  4. Brinjal is used as vegetable, but it is fruit by botanical definition. Technically it is a berry.
  5. Commonly believed that, Brinjal originated in India.

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